photos by Scott Shaw

photos by Scott Shaw

You’ll probably be disappointed from reading this. Nonsensical adult children, self help prophetization, internalized cartoon personality reenactment, the american maledeology, youtube physchology, transcendentally bad performance, punk 'performance art' drag laziness, sugar-high substance abuse, a bunch of idiots in idiot-suits, hardcore babies with crappy moves and crappy voices, inflate and destabilize through the ego-body. Burst burst, destroy destroy, keep going keep going, exhaust exhaust, carry on carry on, drive away drive away, annoy annoy, revolt revolt, doom doom, despair despair, retaliate retaliate, indulge indulge, deliver deliver the performance space to its dumbest. A pool of pathetic physchadelic prescription run-off pissed in the can of imagination, harmful illusions, sad empathetic tender loving nostalgic pain addiction, intentional enabling doll tantrum - this is an IDful exorcism, succumbing rage, with passionate (non)violent masturbatory wellness priest-coach-clown-bandmates to stroke stoke their/our way through it. It's kinda like this paragraph. No one wants to see it. No one wants to perform it. Not even you. Not even me. You could probably do something better with your time. Take a trip through the black hole. We are the asshole who will guide you, into which you go. Listen to what is lacking.

'KLUTZ' has been shown in excerpts at the fall 2015 Performancy forum at Grace Exhibition space and the 2016 New Voices in Live Performance festival at the Center for Performance Research. It has received residency support from the Brooklyn Arts Exchange (BAX) through a summer 2016 Space Grant, and continues to be in development. 

\/ photos by Emily Smith