Upcoming Shows

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Sept 22 - Oct 27 : Thursdays 7-10pm

INVISIBLE ARTISTS, Co-labs - Process laboratories I organized, featuring facilitators Elena Rose Light, Ishmael Houston-Jones, Justin Morrison, Hector Canonge, Esther Neff, and David LaGaccia. 

Sept 27 - Nov 15th: Tuesdays 7-9pm

GET YOUR A$$ IN CLA$$ --- A drop-in class series at Abrons Ars Center I co-curated with Millie Kappthat will blow your mind. Featuring Nami Yamamoto, Jeanine Durning, Luciana Achugar, and Millie Kapp. 


NYC --- Pulsar --- 8pm

Showing some new work in a shared bill


NYC --- Panoply Performance Laboratory --- Post Dance Symposium

Showing some new work made in collaboration with Zach Romania, exact date and time TBA

11/28/16 - 12/3/16

Participating in and showing work at the Movement Research Fall Festival (NYC) - stay tuned for updates

12/15 - 12/17/2016

Buenos Aires --- ARQUEOLOGIAS del FUTURO

Buenos Aires premiere of 'JERK'